oneplus nord 2 Handset Review


The new smartphone from Oppos, the Oppos Oneplus Nord, is quite impressive. It comes with a unique blend of features that make it stand out from other smartphone devices available in the market. The Oneplus devices have been quite popular since they were first introduced in the market. This is mainly because of the great features that it comes with.

When compared to the original Oneplus, the second variant has many innovative features like a large multi-touch display, a spacious fingerprint reader, dual cameras, excellent battery life, resistance to water, shock, and vibration, and so many more. Apart from all these features, the price of the smartphone is very attractive, which makes it one of the most desired smartphones on the market today. At present, the price of the smartphone is around $400. The Oppos Oneplus Nord 2 is a very impressive device with high-end Android operating system, which has a 3rd party interface. oneplus nord 2

One of the most unique features of the Oneplus nord 2 is the Qi Wireless Charging Bag. The Qi Wireless Charging Bag can be used to charge the mobile phone without any interruption. In fact, it has been designed specifically for the Oneplus 2 which allows the users to carry it anywhere they go. The wireless charging system uses the Qi electric technology, which is regarded as one of the best wireless charging systems for electronic devices in the market today. The charging system provides fast charging and enables you to enjoy high performance and excellent battery life.

The Oppos Oneplus Nordic 2 has a stunning design and a stylish metal body. It has a large memory capacity of 1GB and it can store lots of movies, photos, music files and other media. There are many functions and features of the phone such as Dual Shot camera, MMS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Quick Camera, Gallery, Document Viewer, Document Scanner, and so forth. Apart, from all these features, the onerous or 2 has been loaded with high-end battery life that supports you throughout your journey.

The Oppos Oneplus Nordic 2 has been loaded with great software such as Skype, Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, and so forth. You can use the built in speaker phone with this handset as well. The handset comes with an eight gigabit ethernet port along with Wi-Fi on board, which supports data transmission. There is also a radio that plays songs in the background and a heart beat monitor incorporated with the handset. In addition to all these features, the handset comes with a four-line Sim card, Secure Digital card, USB charging cable, micro SD card, ear phone jack, and so forth. The price of the handset is around 401 EUR and when you buy it from online stores, the prices start pipping up to 500 EUR.

The Oneplus Nordic 2 comes with a charging dock, which has an AC adapter along with USB power cable. There is a headphone jack, which works well and comes with earphone jacks. The headphone jack is supported by the qualcomm radio. The headset of the onerous nord 2 works great and does not leak noise. The audio quality of the handset is excellent and it has all the features and specifications which have made it a high performing device.


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